Journal of Ecumenical Studies Fall 2019 Volume 54

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Fall 2019 Volume 54

About Journal of Ecumenical Studies

The Journal of Ecumenical Studies (JES) was founded by Arlene and Leonard Swidler in 1964 as the first peer-reviewed journal in the field of interreligious dialogue. Born out of the ecumenical spirit of Vatican II, JES began with an emphasis on dialogue among diverse Christian traditions. Its focus quickly broadened to Christian-Jewish dialogue and soon thereafter to interchange among a wide array of religious traditions. After 50 years, JES continues as the premier publisher of scholarly articles in the field of dialogue across lines of religious difference. From the 1960s until today, JES has helped to create and build an international forum for interreligious scholarship. Together with the outreach work of the Dialogue Institute, it continues to support, stimulate, and broaden the community of scholars and activists engaged in interreligious work throughout the world.

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