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Current Issue Article Abstracts

Journal of Ecumenical Studies

Volume 52, Number 4, Fall 2017


From Reformation to Transformation: The "Age of Global Dialogue" 
pp. 479 - 487 
Leonard Swidler 


A Century of Advaita Mission: Tracing a Lineage and Opening a Conversation 
pp. 488 - 526 
Reid B. Locklin 

Supersessionism, the Epistle to the Romans, Thomas Aquinas, and the Jews of the Eschaton 
pp. 527 - 553 
Jeremy Cohen 

A Genuine Monotheism for Christians, Muslims, Jews, and All 
pp. 554 - 586 
Rem B. Edwards 

Three Prayers in Dialogue: The Shema, the Lord's Prayer, and al-Fatiha 
pp. 587 - 609 
John Dupuche 
Fred Morgan 
Fatih Tuncer 

Explorations and Responses

Possibly Solving Post-Reformation Disunity 
pp. 610 - 615 
Diana Spencer 

A First Step in the Elimination of Islamic Terrorism 
pp. 616 - 618 
Leonard C. Scott